World Class Instruction


The Range At Dave's offers absolute TOP NOTCH facilities for teachers and students alike! The classroom at TRAD offers all the ammenities of home. Our detached classroom holds up to 35 students in comfort and includes another 700 square feet of "rest and relaxation" space we call the Shooter's Lounge.

In the lounge you can kick back, talk to friends, study, have a drink and snack from our healthy vend vending machines or just watch some outdoor programs on the 50" television! All of these options are available to any student, teacher or member of the range.

Our own "in-house" training company is called Southeast Weapons And Training Centers of Tennessee. SWAT for short, our instructors teach everything from Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and NRA Outside The Home Protection to specialty ladies classes and youth events. To see a current list of classes offered by our in-house instructors through SWAT, CLICK HERE.

If you're interested in renting our facilities, with or without the shooting range, CLICK HERE to send us a message. We have instructors of all shapes and sizes rent our classroom and breakroom for diving instruction, emergency certification courses, company meetings and much more. If you are a instructor and require rental of the range as well, let us know and we'll give you the package pricing.