The State of The Art Shooting Range at Dave's...


Crossville finally has a indoor shooting range to meet our resident's needs. Old world service combined with a new world shooting facility. Built with input from our shooters, the range offers many services, classes, options and comforts to make your shooting experience second to none.

Here is a short list of some of the great options you can experience by being a member of The Range at Dave's Pawn Shop.

1. Wide 50" lanes: We did this because a shooter friend of ours said he likes to get in the lane with his fiance' to make sure she's holding her equipment properly. Try getting two adults in a 36" wide lane! No can do...

2. Clean Air: We offer TWICE the air handling required to keep the lead dust and smoke out of your face and traveling downrange. It then gets "scrubbed" by Two huge HEPA exhaust fans and "cleaned" before exiting the building. We pay twice the utility bill as other ranges but it's worth having fresh air!

3. 10 lanes, 25 yards long that incorporate Two handicap lanes: You don't have to wait all day to shoot at Dave's!

4. Shooter's Lounge: A place members can call their own. We offer a "home away from home" atmosphere in our Shooter's Lounge area where shooters can talk guns, politics or whatever they want while enjoying vending, television and comfortable leather seating.

5. Online Shooter's Portal: Know at any time how many benefits you have left, special events approaching and book time from the comfort of your own home by using our online shooter's portal All members get their own login and custom password the very first time you visit! It's truly awesome.

6. World's Premier Wireless Target Retriever System: Custom built and installed by TargetWorx Inc., our target system is the best on the market. Easy to use and customizable to edge, face or both with super easy programming by the shooter. You can not find a better system on the market, period. Our shooters get to use it everyday because they are installed on every lane!

7. All of this including: Foam soundproofing at the shooting lanes and beyond to muffle that awful echo that kept me from shooting at indoor ranges in the past. Grated brass catcher designed into the floor below the shooter so there's no "slip, sliding away" on mountains of brass in the floor! Our electronic glass stalls are unbelievable! If you want privacy, flip the switch and the glass is opaque. Shooting with a friend? Flip it again and it's clear as a bell so you guys can see each other, floor to ceiling LEVEL 6 bullet resistant glass. Way more protection than required but we invested the extra for our client's safety.