S.W.A.T. (Southeast Weapons and Training) offers a nice facility in our Crossville, TN location. The classroom has a overhead projection system, custom audio and heat and cool controlled climate. We also offer a break room that is very comfortable and offers a snack, drink or cup of coffee during the breaks taken at a class. Our shooting portion of any class given at our SWAT Crossville location will be held at our new indoor range right beside the classroom so there is no running around and burning gas to get to a uncomfortable outdoor facility. Take one of our many classes and you'll see what sets SWAT apart from the rest! We want the student to be comfortable, relaxed and ready to learn and we incorporate all the facility needed to accomplish that goal!

Upcoming Classes

Start Date Class Title Cost Actions
12/17/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Saturday60.00
12/08/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Thursday60.00
12/03/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Saturday60.00
11/17/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Thursday60.00
11/15/2016Bows & Bullets20.00
11/10/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Thursday60.00
11/05/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Saturday60.00
10/29/2016Ladies only TN Carry Permit – Crossville60.00
10/27/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Thursday60.00
10/22/2016TN Handgun Carry Permit Saturday60.00
10/18/2016Bows & Bullets20.00
09/20/2016Bows & Bullets20.00