Bows and Bullets


Ladies, grab some ammo! We're having too much fun at our own ladies league at The Range At Dave's! The ladies league made for you! Headed up by Southeast Weapons And Training instructor Candice Stone, the ladies league Bows And Bullets is a smashing hit in Crossville! Become a member of the range and your

league dues are FREE! For a small catering payment each meeting, you'll learn valuable techniques to defend yourself, your family and just shoot better.

We meet once a month on Tuesdays from 5:30PM until 9:00PM. We often have fun videos, presentations and guest speakers. The best part is, you'll learn plenty on the subject at hand and use that information to always get to your primary firearm better. Each class will have fun drills and informative training scenarios. Many friendships have been forged between the walls of The Range At Dave's and the bows and bullets program is as fun and friendly as it gets. Only do what you are comfortable with in each class and get that practice time in each month! Some of the classes we offer are:

  • Mace in Your Face! The ins and outs of pepper spray and how to use it correctly.
  • Don't Taze Me Bro! How to use a Tazer effectively and then get to your primary weapon.
  • Keep it Clean Ladies! How to keep your firearm in tip-top shape, all the time.
  • Under Pressure! How to shoot effectively, on your target, while under extreme stress.
  • And many more...

The Bows And Bullets league has had many successful meetings so far all while enjoying great food and good times. It is serious business though. You'll learn firearm safety first and foremost and as you progress from class to class. Shooters from all shooting experience and levels are welcome and this is a good time to get some one on one time with your instructor and work on the fundamentals that make shooting fun and correct. Once our league gets to 35 members, we'll be offering seats as room opens up so call now to see if Bows And Bullets can accept your entry right now. Bows and bullets, where we always end the night with a bang!

All members of The Range At Dave's are notified of each Bows And Bullets meeting and we'll post 2-3 posts on Facebook, a popular social media website, 1 to 2 weeks before the meeting. Be sure and come see what all the girls of Crossville are talking about!