Dave's Pawn Shop

has answered the call of East Tennesseans and built a one of a kind indoor shooting facility! Our 10 lane indoor range is 25 yards in length per lane and sports all wireless target retrievers installed by Target Worx Inc. We also offer extended business hours so you can shoot after work and a "Shooter's Lounge" area to kick back and relax for a bit before of after you shoot.

We accept most rifle and handgun configurations and also have many firearms, machine guns and silencers you can rent. In a nutshell, we answered the call of our customers and built a indoor range all shooters of any level can feel comfortable in. Our number ONE goal was a safe, clean and pleasant atmosphere. Feel free to click around our website and see what all the fuss is about!


Another awesome addition

to our indoor range is the use of our own proprietary software solution for ranges, RangeController.com. We created RangeController in 2012 when we started construction of our range because we could not find a software program to help us run the range in a new era of shooting sports. So, we built it!

RangeController Beta rolled out in late 2012 and we've been perfecting it every since and we're now up to version 2.0. The beauty of RangeController is that our clients (any member of the range) has their own unique login and password for the online software. Shooters can book time, see benefits used and much more from the comfort of home! The software is available now to any range looking to move their record keeping into the future. Ranges can privately keep up with all of their shooters and cash flow as well as classes given and instructors giving those classes. It also has a built in Point Of Sale module to keep up with your inventory in the range sales area and OSHA compliance modules for range maintenance and other important data.

Shooters benefit with RangeController and any range that offers it will have higher shooter satisfaction rates. We offer memberships so, for instance, a Gold member can log on to their secure control portal at www.rangecontroller.com and see how long they've actually been on the range, how many guest passes they have left, see special events coming up at the range, book time for next Friday at 5:00PM and renew or upgrade their membership on the due date! Many ranges are seeing the benefits of RangeController and it's just another tool we use to make your shooting experience at The Range At Dave's more enjoyable.

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